September 17, 2019

Increasing virtual disk of Windows virtual machine with VMware VSphere 5.5

When you reach 80% of the Virtual Disk space, you’re needed to extend the Virtual Disk in Windows Virtual Machine .



This is how you do that:

First, you need to open VMware vSphere Client then edit settings of the virtual machine.

Choose the disk that you want to extend, let say the you have VD of 170GB and You want to increase it with more 30GB, totally 200GB.

Change the Provisioned Size from 170GB to 200GB and click OK.

Check the recent task bar if the VD Successfully completed.

Restart the VM.

Open RDP of the VM that you just restarted and open Server management and go to Disk Management.

In the Disk management you can see there is 30GB of allocated space.

To locate the 30GB space open CMD, enter the Diskpart command.

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Microsoft DiskPart version 6.1.7601
Copyright (C) 1999-2008 Microsoft Corporation.
On computer: Test


Enter the command list volume.

DISKPART> list volume

Volume ###    Ltr            Label Fs       Type          Size       Status       Info
————-        —       ———–           —–      ———-      ——-   ——— ——–
Volume    0                      System Rese      NTFS     Partition     100 MB Healthy System
Volume    1             C                                   NTFS     Partition      99 GB Healthy Boot
Volume    2             D       DataBase           NTFS     Partition     170 GB Healthy


Select the volume from the list that you need to extend, in my case is Volume 2.

Enter the command “select volume 2″.

DISKPART> select volume 2

Volume 2 is the selected volume.


Enter the command “extend” to locate the 30GB to the VD space.

DISKPART> extend

DiskPart successfully extended the volume.


Go back to the disk management, you can see that the volume is extended.


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