September 17, 2019

Control multiple machines with ClusterSSH

Control multiple machines at the same time using xterm with ClusterSSH.

Installation: control multiple machines

Download and install EPEL repository:

yum install -y

Install ClusterSSH using Yum:

yum install clusterssh -y


Create a file named clusters in /etc/:

vi /etc/clusters
clusters = clustername
clustername = Linux1 Linux2 Linux3 Linux4

Make sure to have passwords less, login through all the Linux1, 2,3,4:

for i in Linux1 Linux2 Linux3 Linux4;ssh-copy-id $i;done


At the terminal, run the following command:


This article allows you to control multiple machines, you can check also how to install a NIS server:

Click here

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  1. Doron Gombosh

    cssh synchronizes the commands you type in, sending them to all the ssh tunnels at the same time. I’d suggest making sure that all of your remote machines have the same environment (if a command you type in behaves differently on one of the servers, you’ll lose sync).


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