May 23, 2018

Essentials of Bitcoin and Blockchain

Essentials of Bitcoin and Blockchain

Essentials of Bitcoin and Blockchain

Your entry point to the world of decentralized databases! About This Video Learn quick, highly-effective and easy ways to master Blockchain and Bitcoin. Understand the impact of decentralization and discover ways to tackle it. Gain a strong foundation in where Bitcoin and Blockchain are going, what they do, and how to prepare for them. In Detail Blockchain is a distributed database that enables permanent, transparent, and secure storage of data. Blockhchain technology uses cryptography to keep data secure. The blockchain technology is the backbone of cryptocurrency It would take you on a journey of the blockchain database, followed by advanced implementations of blockchain concept.This video course is aimed at anyone who is in interested in learning about bitcoin basics, the technical operation of bitcoin.This video would give you a full insight of this leading technology and its implementation in the real world. We would begin with the technical foundations of the blockchain, teaching you the fundamentals of cryptography and how it keeps data secure. Along the way, you would also learn about the mechanisms behind cryptocurrencies. In this video you will learn everything you need to know about decentralized digital money.

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