May 23, 2018

Real-time Data Processing with Azure Stream Analytics

Real-time Data Processing with Azure Stream Analytics

Real-time Data Processing with Azure Stream Analytics

Real-time data processing with Azure Stream Analytics About This Video Leverage Azure’s fully-managed, scalable, real-time event processing engine to unlock deep insights from data Utilize years of Microsoft research into developing highly tuned streaming engines for time-sensitive processing. Implement Azure’s simple, declarative model to build real-time data transformations for processing IoT streams, real-time data analysis, and more In Detail Microsoft Azure is a very popular cloud computing service used by many organizations around the world. Its latest analytics offering?Stream Analytics?allows you to process and acquire actionable insights from different kinds of data in real-time. This video is your guide to understanding the basics of how Azure Stream Analytics works, and then building your own analytics solution using its capabilities. You will start by learning what stream analytics is, and why it is a popular choice for acquiring real-time insights from data. Then you will be introduced to Azure Stream Analytics, and learn how you can use the tools and functions in Azure to develop your own Streaming Analytics. During the course of the video, you will build streaming solutions for the IoT, fraud detection, real-time event processing, and more. The video also shows you how you can manage, monitor, and scale your solution for optimal performance. By the end of this tutorial, you will have mastered using Azure Stream Analytics to develop an efficient analytics solution that can work with any type of data.

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